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$497 per month for 12 months

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Partnering with Kent was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! We finally have a real marketing plan in place. Our new patient numbers have increased dramatically. And I can – at last! – breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that we’re doing the right things to grow. – Dr. Jenna Summers

A Winning Marketing Strategy = More New Patients & Record Setting Profits

If the ’traditional’ new patient marketing approaches worked, you wouldn’t be here right now.

You’re not like every other dentist. So why should your marketing be? It’s time to break free from the generic, cookie-cutter marketing that every other dentist in your area is using.

By implementing this unique, one of a kind program, you can:


Elevate to the top-tier of private dental practices that are standing apart in this crowded market… despite the enormous competitive pressures facing the industry today.


Gain peace of mind in knowing that you finally have a unique and customized marketing strategy that actually delivers results… and produces a strong return on your investment.


Propel your practice to all new levels of growth and success!

It’s time for you and your practice to stand apart!

The Challenges You’re Facing are Real
(and they are not going away!)

Declining Profits

Insurance reimbursements continue to squeeze you more and more each year. While you don’t necessarily want to turn insurance-based patients away, you will struggle to be profitable in the long run if you continue to rely primarily upon them for your new patient inflow.

Patient demand for elective (non-insurance covered) services continues to weaken. This means more and more of the drill and fill dentistry that you’ve come to dread, and fewer and fewer of the high-profile cases that you find stimulating (and highly profitable!).

The cost to serve your patients continues to rise year after year. Whether it be rent, labor, supplies and/or lab fees, your inability to control these cost elements, coupled with your inability to raise your reimbursement levels is crushing your profits from both sides!

Increased Competition

Corporate dentistry and large DSOs have a tremendous edge over you. And they’re fully exploiting it to their advantage! Deeper pockets, lower overhead, and experienced management teams allow them to dominate your market when it comes to new patient advertising.

There are more dentists in the market than ever before, and that’s not helping the matter for you either. Simply put, there are more dentists and dental offices than patients truly need. And market corrections, while painful, are nevertheless….inevitable. A wave of consolidation is happening right now!

More Demands. Less Time. further Stress.

Treating patients all day and then trying to run a business on top of it all is not an easy endeavor. You’re busy enough as it is. Trying to build and manage a successful new patient marketing program is the last thing you need to be worrying about. And, let’s face it, your marketing is probably close to the bottom (if not at the bottom) of your long list of things to do. And, it’s likely to stay there!

When’s the last time you sat down and spent more than 15 consecutive minutes critically thinking about how to grow your practice through more effective marketing? And when’s the last time you worked with a marketing agency, or marketing provider, who you felt truly took the time to understand your unique practice situation, your personal growth goals, and then developed a custom marketing strategy that was tailor made just for you? (yeah….never!)

Introducing New Patient Breakthrough!

I spent years in constant frustration with my new patient marketing. I was paying way too much to “big-name” marketing agencies for “solutions” that seemed to hardly work. I finally decided to go a different route – and I’m so glad that I did. Kent’s approach has definitely turned things around for my practice. I’m getting far more new patients than ever before, and spending a LOT less to do so. Working with Kent has been a fantastic decision. I couldn’t be any happier with the results! – Dr. Carson Graham

This is your chance to finally break through with your new patient marketing, and….


Attract more new patients utilizing a system that’s proven to work


Increase the quality of your new patients with a higher level of production per new patient (because just getting more low-quality new patients isn’t really all that helpful, is it?)


Improve your existing patient base retention and reactivation rates, so you’re not continuously churning through more and more new patients to simply stay afloat….much less actually grow your practice.


Develop a customized marketing strategy that is uniquely designed solely for you and your practice with the support of 1:1 direct coaching.


Receive personalized marketing guidance and recommendations from a trusted source who’s not looking to sell you pre-packaged, generic marketing products. In other words, it’s time to finally work with someone who’s incentives are fully aligned with yours!


Select from a comprehensive lineup of proven marketing initiatives and campaigns to design a custom and tailored marketing execution plan that’s the right fit for you and your practice.


Build a sustainable, results-oriented marketing program through low-cost and no-cost marketing initiatives, so that you don’t have to continue spending more and more money to grow your practice (because….as we talked about earlier….you’ll never be able outspend the corporate dentistry giants).


Learn how to manage a successful marketing function within your practice without overburdening your already super busy schedule. (Yes, it’s absolutely possible!)


Stop wasting thousands upon thousands of dollars that you can’t afford to lose each month on marketing that fails to yield results (and then being told it’s your fault for the lack of results!)


Remove all of the unnecessary complexity that surrounds new patient marketing, and gain a better understanding of how to bring various marketing elements together (the right way!) to drive better results. No more frustration around how SEO works. Or how to build effective social media campaigns. Or where to invest your advertising dollars. New Patient Breakthrough is marketing simplified!


Dr. Alan Stern

Ocean Township, NJ

Kent is a master marketer and analyst. He provides insight into dental marketing that we dentists simply have not been made aware of in our training and experience. His perspective is eye-opening.

Dr. Tom Murphy

New Orleans, LA

Working with Kent has been a great decision for me and it will be for you too! I’ve worked with quite a few famous marketing groups and they do not offer near the level of customization that Kent does. Work with him!

Dr. Tony Watkins

Winfield, KS

Collaborating with Kent was a great experience. He used a focused, yet flexible approach that suited my needs. I would recommend his services without hesitation!

Dr. Orrin Mackey

Cottonwood, AZ

Kent presents a clear method to guide you in developing a marketing plan designed specifically for your practice. It is an invaluable education for the new and experienced practice owner.

You’ll never approach your marketing the same way again!


New Patient Breakthrough is the only program of its kind. Created specifically for private practice dentists who are looking to break free from the traditional (and generally ineffective) way of going about new patient marketing.


Delivers a comprehensive and structured approach to new patient growth that gets results. Yet is flexibly designed with customized solutions for the unique aspects of your practice.


Supported throughout with 1:1 direct coaching to ensure you’re well positioned for success, and that you get the growth results you need.

Stop wasting time and money on one-off marketing products that fail to produce results.

It’s time for a strategic and comprehensive solution to grow your practice.

It’s time for a New Patient Breakthrough!

Real Impact. Real Results.

Dr. Timothy Shen 

Trinity Family Dental in La Mesa, California

  • 70% increase in new patient inflow after just 3 months
  • 250% increase in new patient inflow after 12 months
  • 20% increase in new patient appointment production
  • 94% new patient retention rate
  • 65% reduction in marketing budget

“I had been working with various marketing agencies over the past five years, and wished I had found Kent from the start. He has definitely produced the results that we set out to achieve, unlike the traditional marketing agency model that failed time after time. It is truly his personal touch, expertise, and insights that have propelled our practice to the next level. His character, honesty, and dedication are rare among the dental marketing field, and we are glad to have him on our team! I’m positive that he will do the same for your practice.” – Dr. Timothy Shen

Dr. Robert Ferrera

Ferrera Dental Care in Tampa, Florida

  • 65% increase in new patient inflow after just 3 months
  • 21% increase in new patient appointment production
  • 98% increase in new patient treatment acceptance
  • 93% new patient retention rate
  • 76% reduction in marketing budget

“The results Kent has brought to my practice have greatly exceeded all of my expectations. I’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the world of dental marketing over the years, and none of them delivered anything close to what Kent has. Our new patient numbers have increased tremendously. The quality of those new patients is much better than ever before. And, somehow (which I still can’t really believe!), he managed to make this all happen with a fraction of the budget that we’d used before. My only regret is that I didn’t start working with Kent earlier! To think of all the time and money I wasted on failed marketing. Don’t make the same mistake I did. If you have an opportunity to partner with Kent, do it! You’ll be glad you did!” – Dr. Robert Ferrera

Dr. Ami Barakat 

Villanova Dental Studio in Ottawa, Ontario

  • 66% increase in total new patient inflow
  • 226% increase in new patient inflow via digital marketing
  • 10x increase in advertising-based new patient production value
  • 95% new patient retention rate
  • 35% reduction in marketing budget

Kent’s knowledge and training has allowed our practice to greatly increase our marketing return on investment. His approach has enabled us to hold third-party companies accountable for their results (for example SEO and digital ads). He’s guided me to make proper decisions if and when certain campaigns are underperforming. He’s been easy to talk to and a pleasure for our team members to work with for our internal marketing strategies. And he’s helped take so much off of my plate, which has freed up more of my time and allowed me to direct my energy elsewhere, improve other departments, and run my business much more effectively. Thus, he has indirectly helped improve various aspects of the business beyond marketing. In the year he has been working with our office, our new patient numbers have increased by well over 50% – and with a lower marketing investment! I would strongly recommend Kent for your marketing.” – Dr. Ami Barakat

Here’s your opportunity to finally Break Through!

Payment Plan
$497 per month for 12 months

Best Value
$4970 one-time payment

Act now before this special rate expires!








Included with New Patient Breakthrough…


A comprehensive, step-by-step, 12-month program to design and implement an effective, results-oriented new patient marketing function within your practice – once and for all! No more jumping around from one “can’t miss” marketing product to another. No more cheap promises of “easy” results. Great marketing requires a comprehensive and well-designed approach!


Each month, we’ll focus on a new marketing topic (which builds directly upon the previous topics) to ensure a step-by-step, structured approach in crafting a sustainable marketing program, thus enabling your practice to achieve consistent, ongoing growth.


Each topic contains on-demand video with step-by-step guidance, resources and tools to leverage in developing and implementing your practice’s very own, and fully customized, marketing strategy.


And it’s all supported by 1:1 direct coaching sessions throughout, in order to ensure you have the support and personalized guidance necessary to build a coordinated marketing program that meets your practice-specific growth goals.

This system has been designed through years of work with privately owned dental practices, just like yours, enabling them to break free from the constant headache of ineffective marketing, and to finally achieve the results and growth they need!

Curious as to what topics we’ll be covering? Scroll down to the below section, which outlines each of the 12 monthly program topics and key objectives.

What a great program! Kent’s approach made marketing simple for me and my practice. I used to think that marketing was so difficult. Not true! You just have to work with someone who knows what they’re doing – and who can make it easy to understand. Kent more than did that! – Dr. Natalie Hastings

A comprehensive, step-by-step program:

Topic #1 – Strategy

  • Avoid common traps that cause your marketing to fail
  • Create a customized, non-replicable marketing strategy
  • Establish your unique brand and target market
  • Design your patient value prop and messaging framework
  • Set personalized goals that drive successful results

Topic #2 – Lead Conversion

  • Identify critical gaps in your current processes
  • Install effective lead capture and conversion controls
  • Establish consistent call handling practices
  • Develop active lead nurturing and communications
  • Implement growth-oriented metrics & reporting systems

Topic #3 – Website and SEO

  • Simplify the unnecessary complexity of websites
  • Create an ideal online experience for new patients
  • Avoid common myths and red herrings around SEO
  • Discover what really improves online search rankings
  • Manage your website and SEO provider for optimal results

Topic #4 – Reputation Management

  • Learn where, when, and how reviews are most impactful
  • Benchmark what profile you need to succeed in your area
  • Identify effective tools/processes to build your reputation
  • Manage online commentary in order to control your image
  • Use the power of video to build emotional connections

Topic #5 – Referral Marketing

  • Create on-brand ‘referral worthy’ patient experiences
  • Establish a consistent in-office referral generating process
  • Leverage tools & incentives to get patients to take action
  • Activate your team to be community brand ambassadors
  • Design out of office events to generate buzz & awareness

Topic #6 – Social Media

  • Craft a differentiated and brand-aligned social presence
  • Create custom content that truly engages your audience
  • Leverage placement & promotion to drive targeted reach
  • Tell visually impacting stories of your patient experience
  • Manage resources & reporting to deliver tangible results

Topic #7 – Social Proof Marketing

  • Create non-traditional campaigns to greatly expand reach
  • Leverage the power of influencers to boost awareness
  • Form partnerships that leverage social network power
  • Support social causes to generate engagement and loyalty
  • Attract patients in unique ways your competition cannot

Topic #8 – Virtual Consultations

  • Revolutionize the patient experience to your advantage
  • Expand your addressable market and geographic radius
  • Attract high-dollar cases for a fraction of the standard cost
  • Get patients who are excited & ready to accept treatment
  • Promote your practice in unique and cutting edge ways

Topic #9 – Membership Plans

  • Decrease your reliance upon costly insurance plans
  • Take back control of your patient standard of care
  • Develop custom plans that increase treatment acceptance
  • Reach patients in effective ways your competition misses
  • Provide enhanced value and care for uninsured patients

Topic #10 – Advertising

  • Stop wasting money on advertising that is destined to fail
  • Determine which advertising is optimal for your situation
  • Learn to approach advertising selectively & cost effectively
  • Track campaign results to maximize investment return
  • Manage providers to keep them honest and dialed-in

Topic #11 – Patient Retention

  • Diagnose root issues causing patient churn in your office
  • Develop a game plan to minimize unnecessary attrition
  • Enhance your new and existing patient experience
  • Introduce a rewards program to build patient loyalty
  • Implement reactivation campaigns to minimize future loss

Topic #12 – Marketing Management

  • Identify and manage critical metrics for peak performance
  • Develop your team to support better marketing execution
  • Manage service provider relationships for optimal results
  • Oversee your marketing program with less time involved
  • Bring it all together and truly stand apart in your market!

Is it a lot that we’re covering here? You bet it is! That’s why the program takes place over a 12-month period. After all, it takes time to implement these concepts correctly for maximum impact. Each topic provides for a full month of learning, designing, and implementing (and it’s all supported with 1:1 direct coaching!). Because great marketing isn’t easy. And it certainly cannot be rushed!


You’ll also receive an additional 12 months of access to all of this program’s content (Absolutely Free!), so you can go back, review, and continue to build upon your customized marketing plan during the following year. Because there’s always room for more growth! (Especially once you have a great marketing foundation in place.)

About Kent

Kent Sears, MBA – Marketing & Practice Growth Consultant

Are you ready to grow your practice?

I work with private practice dentists, and privately owned group practices, who are serious and excited about growth!

I’m not originally from the dental industry. And that’s a good thing. Because my background in business consulting and marketing strategy allows be to bring a unique perspective and an entirely different approach, with fresh insights, to help dentists grow their businesses.

I’ve worked around the globe, both in private and public sector, across a multitude of industries, consulting to several successful organizations, and driving marketing strategy directly for leading companies like Microsoft and T-Mobile. 

But, making huge, multi-billion-dollar companies even bigger isn’t actually all that rewarding. And life’s short. Far too short to not be doing what you love. So, I left the corporate world, joined my wife in her mission to transform the dental industry, and now I help private practice dentists realize their full business potential through more effective marketing, so they will survive and thrive in this increasingly competitive marketplace. And that is something I am truly excited about doing!

When I entered this industry, I set out to offer a different type of marketing service. One that clearly stands apart from the traditional marketing agency model, and all the negatives that come along with it. One that provides unique and differentiated value.

This program is an extension of my consulting and partnering directly with over a hundred private dental practices around the globe to help them grow their businesses through more effective marketing.

If your truly committed and excited to grow your practice, then I’m here to help you accomplish just that!

Kent has been a fantastic partner to me and my entire team. Beyond delivering the results (way more new patients than we’ve ever had before!), he has felt more like an immediate member of our team than a consultant. His personal touch and commitment is beyond measure. There’s no question his expertise is top-notch, but he also explains things in a way that makes marketing just seem so easy. I highly recommend him and his services! – Dr. Marc Olsen

More Impact. More Results.

Click on the story bars below to learn more about how each of these practices achieved success.

Pleasant Valley Dental's story

Pleasant Valley Dental is a multi-site, multi-doctor practice located in the suburbs of a major metropolitan area. By most metrics, it would be considered a successful office. Their new patient marketing was good enough. Nothing that would blow your socks off, but the high-level metrics were decent. Dr. Mason approached marketing as most dentists do. He had worked with a reputable dental marketing agency for several years to oversee his new patient growth. This included the standard agency package of a custom website, an active SEO campaign, and a well-funded digital advertising presence (which included Google, Facebook, and YouTube advertising). Beyond this, the marketing efforts were limited. Aside from a strong social media presence (which was managed internally), there wasn’t much else happening. Dr. Mason wanted to see Pleasant Valley Dental continue to grow. He had his sights set on opening a third office location. And obviously needed more new patients to do so. Yet, as he allocated more and more budget over to his marketing agency, the results (in terms of new patients) didn’t necessarily follow. He continued to watch, with growing frustration, as his cost of patient acquisition rapidly increased, while his return on investment accordingly decreased.

Enter the New Patient Breakthrough method….
In partnering with Dr. Mason and Pleasant Valley Dental, we saw an opportunity to not only increase the number of new patients coming into the practice, but do so in a way that would keep his cost per new patient in check, while greatly increasing his return on marketing investment. We focused on three primary objectives. First, we introduced a whole new set of low-cost and no-cost marketing initiatives that were focused on increasing reach and awareness to attract new patients at a much more reasonable cost. These efforts included lead conversion, reputation management, referral marketing, and social proof marketing. Second, we analyzed the current set of marketing campaigns (Google, Facebook and YouTube advertising) to determine where this spend was (and more importantly was not) yielding results. We then adjusted, or in some cases, shut down campaigns as appropriate to both decrease inefficient spend and increase quality of incoming leads. Third, we introduced new programs (such as virtual consultation technology and an in-house membership plan) that attracted more engaged new patients and drastically increased the value of new patients to the office.

Pine Village Family Dentistry's story

Pine Village Family Dental is your typical single-doctor general and family dentistry office. It is located on the outskirts of a moderately sized city. Dr. Williams did not have her sights set on bringing in another dentist or opening a second office. She simply wanted a reliable and consistent inflow of new patients to fill her schedule. Yet, she struggled for years to find an adequate solution through various marketing providers. Every time she would engage a new marketing company, she felt like they were only interested in one thing — selling her more and more of their high-ticket products and services, without any concern as to the end results, or her return on investment. And after continuing to spend year after year, without any tangible results, she eventually found herself confused and frustrated.

Enter the New Patient Breakthrough method….
In partnering with Dr. Williams and Pine Village Family Dental, we were laser-focused on growing her new patient inflow to a consistent and sustainable level…. and doing so without a continued reliance on paid advertising. As a single-doctor general and family dentistry practice, there was no way on earth that Pine Village Family Dental was going to compete head-to-head with the corporate dentistry giants and large DSOs by using a traditional marketing approach heavily focused on paid advertising. It was akin to a small boutique clothing retailer trying to outspend and out-compete with Macy’s via paid advertising alone. It just wasn’t going to happen! So, we focused our marketing efforts exactly where the big guys couldn’t compete with us. We leveraged the strong reputation that Dr. Williams had built up in her community for excellence in care, customer service, and patient experience. We utilized low-cost and no-cost marketing programs that were based on word of mouth, referral and social proof marketing. And given the love that Dr. Williams’ patients had for her, it worked far, far better than the previous agency-led campaigns, which were primarily focused on paid advertising. And it was a whole lot less expensive too!

Lakeside Dental's story

Lakeside Dental is a single site, multi-doctor practice located in the heart of a moderately sized town. Dr. Moore has owned the practice for over 25 years. He loves dentistry. But realized it was time to start removing himself from all of the day-to-day operations of the practice. He had two up and coming associates who he wanted to fully pass the drill and fill dentistry off to, so that he could focus exclusively on more complex cases. Dr. Moore’s biggest challenge when it came to marketing and new patient growth was actually himself! He was reluctant to outsource his marketing full stop to an agency. Yet, the investment he put towards marketing the practice himself (both in terms of money and time) was all over the map, and generally failed to move the needle. His efforts over the years had involved a little bit of everything. Whether it be what he’d heard about at a conference. Or a recommendation from a colleague. Or a marketing product he saw online. He was running the epitome of a shotgun marketing strategy. Just spray the investment everywhere and something’s bound to hit! Well, it didn’t. And as his frustration increased, and his stress level shot through the roof, he eventually realized it was time for a change.

Enter the New Patient Breakthrough method….
In partnering with Dr. Moore and Lakeside Dental, the objectives were clear. First, we needed to increase the new patient inflow of general dentistry cases in order to fill his two associates’ schedules. Second, we needed to attract more complex specialty cases to keep Dr. Moore interested and happy. And third, we needed to craft a defined and highly targeted marketing strategy that would achieve these first two objectives, while not consuming Dr. Moore’s time with its execution…. so that he could alleviate all of his unnecessary stress and return to just enjoying dentistry again! To accomplish this, we literally started over from scratch with his marketing. We began by clearly defining Lakeside Dental’s brand identity and messaging framework. We revamped his online presence (website, SEO, online reviews) to clearly reflect the types of patients he wanted to attract to the office. We established several low-cost and no-cost initiatives aimed to increase broad awareness and lead generation (social media, referral marketing, social proof marketing). We launched and promoted new programs (virtual consultations, membership plans) to attract a higher quality of new patient, who were more likely to move forward with the complex, high-value types of cases that Dr. Moore desired. And, finally, we even sprinkled on some paid advertising at the end (only after everything else was in place of course!) to continue growing the practice to the levels necessary to completely fill his associate’s schedules.

Just ONE additional new patient per month covers the cost of New Patient Breakthrough.

So, why wait?

Payment Plan
$497 per month for 12 months

Best Value
$4970 one-time payment

Act now before this special rate expires!








Frequently Asked Questions

I’m tired of being over-promised great results by marketing companies that never come about. How is this program different?

That is precisely the reason this program exists! The reason most marketing products fail (relative to the lofty and over-promised expectations) is because there is no broader strategy in place. There is no customization to the unique elements of your practice. There is no personalized 1:1 coaching or follow-through to ensure results are obtained. This program is not about one-off marketing products or packages. This program is about designing and building a long-term, results oriented marketing function within your practice, and providing the direct, 1:1 coaching support you’ll need to ensure it drives results.

I’ve already done a lot of these things you mention here. I have a website. I ask for patient referrals. I’m on social media. I have a membership plan. How would I benefit from this program then?

Yes, most offices have already implemented many of these concepts at a high level. However, it’s a bit like saying my sports car is optimized for peak racing performance because I took it into the Jiffy Lube last week for an oil change. In other words, each of these topics goes well beyond the high-level, basic concepts to ensure that these campaigns are not just being done at a precursory level, but that they are truly being optimized for peak performance. Further, the program is designed to ensure these campaigns are based on your unique strategy and goals, and that each of the campaigns is structured in a way that they build upon and re-enforce one another, in order to deliver optimal results from your marketing investment.

Why should I invest in this program instead of just hiring a marketing agency to do all of this on my behalf?

When you hire a marketing agency, their primary goal is to maximize your spend with them. And that’s a very different goal than maximizing your results. An agency will typically pitch you some combination of marketing products and/or services (think a new website, SEO and digital ad campaign). Their packages are (by and large) generic, cookie-cutter offerings that are being sold and resold to every other dentist in your area. In addition, they have no incentive to focus on low-cost and no-cost marketing efforts (which often times drive better results than paid marketing!), and that’s because they can’t package those low-cost and no-cost initiatives up into easily re-sellable products and take a healthy margin on top of them. If you don’t believe this, just spend a few minutes thinking through the business model of a marketing agency (i.e., high fixed cost structure and high advertising overhead that they need to then recover through a homogenous product delivery and sales cycle). So, in the end, while a marketing agency can (and certainly should) do specific elements of your marketing (like build a website), they are just not in a position to put together a comprehensive strategy that utilizes all of the best and most impactful marketing elements to deliver an optimal return on investment. And it’s why nearly every dentist I’ve spoken with is beyond frustrated with the traditional marketing agency model!

How is this program different than buying a traditional marketing package from a marketing agency?

Marketing agencies and providers sell pre-packaged marketing products and/or services. Rarely are these customized in any manner to your unique situation. And generally, these products and services are sold as one-off packages without any consideration as to a broader marketing strategy and/or implementation plan. It’s no wonder that they fail to yield the desired results more often than not. This unique program, on the other hand, is different in that it is designed to build a customized marketing program specifically for your office, leveraging the appropriate set of tools and resources, which will enable your practice to truly stand apart from the competition in your area, and deliver optimal results in the long-run.

I’m already working with a marketing agency. Would this program still benefit me?

Absolutely! The primary goal of a marketing agency is to maximize your spend with them (that’s just the reality of their business model and how they make a profit). They’ll continuously look to sell you more and more generic products and services without much (if any) customization for your unique situation. They are constantly trying to force a square peg into a round hole. And it doesn’t work (as you well know!). One of the outcomes of this program is to ensure your marketing agency is providing you with the right set of products and services for your unique situation. And to ensure that those products and services are delivering the necessary results to your practice. Beyond that, a marketing agency does not address all of the marketing initiatives you’ll need for a comprehensive and successful marketing program. Their focus is on providing products they can easily package up and resell. Which means that many of the more effective marketing initiatives (like the low-cost and no-cost ones) are completely ignored in their approach because they simply cannot profit from reselling those as packages. This program is structured to focus on ALL elements of your marketing – both the ones you will need to work through a marketing agency for (e.g., website, SEO, digital ad campaigns), and also the ones that need to be done outside of a marketing agency (e.g., reputation management, referral marketing, social proof marketing).

What kind of results should I expect from this program?

Every practice is different. And every situation is unique. However, if you follow through with this program, there is virtually no reason that you will not see results. The exact quantification of those results will vary from office to office. However, you should expect to see at minimum a 35% or greater increase in new patient volume, and upwards of a 2-3x increase in new patient volume. Again, each situation is unique and different though. And the results are still very much dependent upon the amount of effort and focus put into the program. So, while it’s difficult to forecast the exact outcome in terms of new patient growth for a given practice, there is no reason not to expect strong results if you follow through with the program.

Why does the program require a full year?

The program requires a full year given the amount of content that is included, as well as the amount of time required to properly implement the marketing campaigns. Further the topics are designed to build upon each other layer by layer (like a pyramid). Thus, it’s important to ensure plenty of time to solidify the earlier concepts, before moving on to the more advanced concepts, in order to guarantee optimal results throughout the program.

Why does each topic take a full month?

There’s a balance to be had between doing something quick and doing it right. Too often, marketing efforts are rushed (in a hurry to get quick results) and not properly executed upon for long-term optimization. This program is designed to provide the right amount of time for you to process the information from each of the 12 topics and effectively apply it to your specific practice situation and goals, discuss your thinking and questions via the 1:1 direct coaching sessions, and fully implement those marketing campaigns within your practice. In all honesty, even a month may seem a bit fast for some offices. However, there is also a need to not over-extend the amount of time for the program to progress and for results to accrue. If the one month per topic time period still does not seem like the right fit for your unique situation, please feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation via the ‘Questions’ section below and we can discuss alternative options that may better suit your situation.

What if I need longer than one year to implement everything?

That’s certainly not an issue! To ensure you have all of the tools needed (even beyond the initial year of the program), all of the program’s content will be available to you (as a complimentary bonus) for an additional 12 months following the end of the program. This way, you can go back to concepts where you’d like to expand upon what you’ve already built. Or, perhaps you want to make some adjustments to campaigns currently in flight. Whatever the desire, you will have the tools and resources available to support you. Great marketing is never complete. There’s always room for continued improvement and bigger results! Especially once you have a great marketing foundation solidly in place.

I have very little time available to focus on my marketing. How can this program help me if I’m already too busy?

This is one of the reasons the program takes place over a 12-month period. It’s important to ensure there is adequate time to do this right. In addition, most dentists are already quite busy seeing patients, managing a team, and running a practice to get involved in the details of their marketing. And that’s the just fine. And honestly the way it should be. So, you are more than welcome to have other people from your team join you in this program (at no additional charge) to help with the execution of the marketing plan. Whether that be a marketing director (for larger practices), or a business manager (for moderately sized practices), or a front-desk person (for smaller practices). It is still recommended, however, that you, as the practice owner, be engaged in the high-level strategy, and especially the 1:1 direct coaching sessions to get the most from this program.

What if I don’t have a background in marketing? Will this program still work for me?

Yes, absolutely! This program assumes that you, like 99% of the dentists out there, have no formal experience in marketing strategy, design or execution. Your job is to be a dentist. Not a marketer. This program is designed to support you and your practice in your marketing efforts, and to show you what you do need to know in order to successfully run your practice like a CEO with respect to marketing.

Can I include others from my team in the program? Is there an additional charge?

Yes, you can certainly include others from your team in the program! It’s actually encouraged. And, no, there is no additional charge to do so. Most dentists are already quite busy seeing patients, managing a team, and running a practice to get involved in the details of their marketing. And that’s the just fine. And honestly the way it should be. As such, you are welcome to have other people from your team join you in this program (at no additional charge) to help with the execution of the marketing plan. Whether that be a marketing director (for larger practices), or a business manager (for moderately sized practices), or a front-desk person (for smaller practices). It is still recommended, however, that you, as the practice owner, be engaged in the high-level strategy, and especially the 1:1 direct coaching sessions to get the most from this program.

Is this program also available for group and/or multi-site practices?

Yes. The program is designed and available for group and multi-site practices. In fact, group and multi-site practices often benefit the most from this program given the additional resources available (both in terms of people and capital), which allow them to implement these concepts in a more thorough manner and at a more advanced level.

How is the content delivered?

Each topic’s content is delivered via video-on-demand. Once the content is made available, you’ll be able to access the video any time you wish (and as often as you wish), via the Internet, with a login and password. In addition, all content is available for an additional 12 months following the conclusion of the program to allow for you to go back and access anything you like.

Do I really get 1:1 personalized, direct coaching? What’s included with this?

Absolutely! The 1:1 direct coaching is an integral component of this program, and is in place to ensure you have the ongoing support necessary to properly implement your customized marketing program. There will be one 60-minute 1:1 direct coaching session for each monthly topic of the program (12 in total). The specific topics for each of those coaching sessions will be in part up to you to ensure you’re getting the tailored and customized support you need to make this program a success for your individual situation.

What if I would like additional support beyond the already included 1:1 personalized, direct coaching sessions to help assist in the implementation of my marketing program?

This can absolutely be accommodated either via additional 1:1 direct coaching sessions as part of this program, or through a more comprehensive marketing partnership between Kent Sears Consulting and your office. The best next step would be to schedule a complimentary consultation via the ‘Questions’ section below so we can discuss what options are most appropriate for your unique situation.

What if I would like to have 1:1 personalized, direct coaching for longer than one year?

1:1 direct coaching will be made available (at a discounted rate) for those who wish to continue on with this service beyond the duration of the program. Please inquire for specific pricing related to your situation.

What if I don’t want, or feel that I need, the 1:1 personalized, direct coaching to support me throughout the program? Can I obtain only the program's content at a lower rate?

It is highly recommended you utilize the individual coaching sessions to obtain optimal results from this program. However, if you wish to enroll in the program, and exclude the private coaching sessions, a specially discounted rate is available. Please inquire for specific pricing related to your situation.

Can you guarantee I will get results from this program? Is there a refund available if I’m unsatisfied?

If you haven’t already, please read the earlier question and answer “What kinds of results should I expect from this program?”. In addition to that, if you follow through with this program, including the 1:1 direct coaching sessions, and you still are not seeing results, then we will certainly discuss the appropriateness of a refund. The reason there is no blanket ‘refund guarantee’ is because it actually creates the inverse incentive of what the program is aimed to drive. In other words, if there is a known out (via a guaranteed refund) that is available during the program, then there is much less incentive to commit and follow through to make it work – which is a dis-service to both you and me. Regardless, you have my personal word and guarantee that any concerns you have will be thoroughly discussed, and we’ll make the situation right.

Why do you offer this program?

I offer this program because I want to see private practice dentists succeed! The way the industry is trending right now (towards the interests of insurance companies and corporate dentistry) is not in the best welfare of the general public. I adamantly believe there is an important and critical role for private practice dentistry to play in the future of healthcare. And while we are headed for a major shakeup over the coming years (and yes, unfortunately, a good percentage of private practices will be acquired by corporate dentistry entities), I adamantly believe that the dental industry of the future will continue to maintain an important role for private practice dentists to serve patients who value high-quality, personalized care. But to be one of those select private practices that fills this role, you’ll need to compete at a much higher level than you do today in terms of business strategy and marketing sophistication. And that is why I offer this program.

Can I register for the program without having to provide my credit card information over the Internet?

Yes, absolutely. Simply email me at, let me know that you’d like to register for New Patient Breakthrough, and we’ll take care of it without you having to provide your credit card information over the Internet.

What happens after I register for the program?

The New Patient Breakthrough program begins May 1. On that day, you’ll receive a link and password to access the program’s first topic, where we’ll be covering Marketing Strategy. You are then free to access this content any time you like, and as often as you like. The content is always available for you on-demand. You’ll also want to reserve your first 1:1 coaching session for a day and time during May that works best for your schedule. A scheduling link will be sent to you after registration for you to do so at any point between now and the end of May. These 1:1 coaching sessions are a critical part of the program, providing time to address or clarify any questions you may have, as well as enabling a platform for us to partner together in helping you design a customized marketing program for your practice’s growth and success. Future topics and coaching sessions (one each month) will follow suit throughout the remainder of the program. If you have any further questions, you may submit them via the form on this page (directly below), or email me at


Contact me with any additional questions (via this form), or schedule a complimentary consultation (by clicking here), so we can discuss your unique situation and determine if this program is the right fit for you.


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